Candescent Capital Ventures seeks to bring forward solutions that harness the plethora of data available today combined with modern, compelling services to improve mortgage lending turn-times and reduce overall collateral risk and improve compliance integrity at the dawn of major changes in the valuation industry for both commercial and residential properties.

Additionally, the company principals offer education and consulting services in both property valuation and software product development.
FUTURECAST:  Augmented analysis via expert systems and intelligent agents with complete market analysis.

Property Technology (PROPTech) is reaching critical mass in both application and adoption in the lifecycle of homeownership. Consumers as well as professionals can access all manner of real estate-related information, from property tax history to crime statistics to full listings and video-guided home tours.  Never before has the role of professional advice in a real estate transaction been more needed but so widely displaced or misapplied.


  • Sift-through relevant market data and analyze adjustments in a fraction of the time
  • Reinvest the time savings in analysis and prediction
  • Execute better analysis of risks and opportunities, real-time monitoring, advanced models and
    predictive analytics
  • Integrate and monitor data and identify what is important and relevant
  • Personalize predictive analysis

Meet the Team

Candescent brings together decades of experience in real estate valuation solutions for both commercial and residential properties.  Known for their creativity and innovation, this dynamic team is focused on the opportunities to fuse the best of modern technologies with the key principals of professional appraisal methodologies.


Chief Executive Officer of Candescent Capital Ventures.  As the founder of numerous successful real estate appraisal, valuation technology and venture capital firms, Mr. Linné is recognized as the nation’s leading valuation futurist.

Mr. Linné is an Adjunct Professor of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at the Polytechnical University of Yucatan and was selected as the 2012 winner of the Valuation Visionary award by the members of the Collateral Risk Network, a professional association of the nation’s Chief Appraisers and key national stakeholders,

The author or co-author of four books on real estate appraisal, more than 50 articles, a keynote speaker, panelist/presenter, expert witness, blogger, software developer/ inventor with two patents, columnist, commercial developer, instructor, course developer and serial entrepreneur and presently serves on the Education Committee for the Appraisal Institute and the Editorial Review Panel of The Appraisal Journal, and numerous other committees and panels throughout multiple organizations. Mr. Linné developed the future-focused course Artificial Intelligence, AVMs and Blockchain, which was recently approved for expansion into a day-long course by The Appraisal Institute.  Mark has twice won the Donohoe Essay Award for Valuation, and the Bernard L Bernard Award for Best Contribution to the Valuation Body of Knowledge.

Elizabeth Green, CMSP

Head of Digital Solutions.  A strategist, solutions architect, speaker and valuation advocate. A recognized mortgage technology veteran in software product leadership for solutions in residential property valuation, loan origination, mortgage servicing and secondary marketing.  A passionate activist for data standards, Green is helping to foster a new level of understanding in property valuation and collateral risk assessment through the application of digital intelligence.

Ms. Green has been on the forefront of applying data standards to valuation technologies since 2009 and has worked with key industry participants throughout.  Liz was named an MBA Tech All Star in 2015 for her leadership in the MISMO property information and valuation sectors.  In addition to her work with MISMO, she is the Chair of the AVM Definitions Sub-committee in The Appraisal Foundation’s Industry Advisory Council’s AVM Task Force.